MD Pro

The new electrical medication

This reliable and durable device is capable of sustaining a heavy workload for as long as possible,
keeping costs down.

Livestock farming is a sector that requires a high level of reliability in terms of industrial engineering.

Plus, increasing workloads place greater demands on the sector, which has an impact on the requirements needed for machinery to function: reliability, durability and ability to carry those workloads for as long as possible to keep costs down.

The MD Prodosing pump arose from this need.

We tell you all about it below!

Tashia - Brochure - Dosificador MD Pro - Electrical medication
Tashia® - MD Pro

MD PRO dosing pump

Water is an essential nutrient for any animal and is also the ideal medium for delivering treatments to prevent or cure illnesses and health problems.

The MD PRO dosing pump ensures perfect homogenization, high precision and a very high working range for applying different liquid or soluble products through pre-dilution or directly from the container.

The materials in contact with liquid are made with high-quality components and allow for direct contact with corrosive products (check chemical compatibility).

Easy to read and use

User-friendly interface

Very simple and user-friendly system with a keypad for adjusting the dose from 0.1 to 10%. It has a large display with a very intuitive layout thanks to the status color coding.

It provides instantaneous flow rate information and totalizers for both water and product volume, as well as running time information.

The MD Pro dosing pump comes with the bracket, hardware, and accessories needed for easy, convenient and fast installation. The add-ons, dosing kit and mixer are essential accessories for ensuring reliable and quality dosing.

Multi-function pump body:

Fit for any job

The MD PRO dosing pump can dispense up to 73 l/h at 7 bars of pressure and is made from PVDF, a material that is compatible with most of the products to be dispensed. This prevents excessive wear and tear and maximizes the useful life of the device. (Check chemical compatibility).

Tashia® - Water solutions

The equipment comes with high-flow valves for both suction and pumping. It also includes one suction assembly for medications or accessories and another for  concentrated products.

All-rounder at heart

The motor:
the main organ

The MD Pro provides volumetric and proportional dosing according to the water flow. It is designed for both soluble solutions and concentrated liquids.

Tashia® - Water solutions

At the heart of this equipment is a heavy-duty motor made from a selection of materials that provide a perfect balance between robustness, reliability, durability and efficiency.