"At Tashia® we guarantee and design complete and functional solutions”

With our wide range of dosing products and systems, we are able to offer and deliver functional and safe water treatment solutions for all water treatment needs. Using innovative technology and the right equipment, we ensure safe, easy and effective product dosing. This means we guarantee a reliable service with efficient results in all the sectors in which we operate. In our digital catalog you will find dosing systems specially designed to meet every need, guaranteeing perfect homogenization and high precision in the application of different liquid products.


Hydraulic dosing pumps

A wide range of dosing equipment for use in agriculture, industrial processes, and water treatment with multiple applications.

Hydraulic kits

Mixers and pre-assembled distribution panels. Essential accessories for proper and safe dosing.

Dosing pumps

Electrical dosing pumps

This digital catalog includes a wide range of dosing and digital pumps.

Electric kits

Pre-assembled dosing panels to facilitate installation of a proportional dosing pump.

Measurement and regulation systems

Multi-parameter controllers

This digital catalog includes a large variety of multi-parameter controllers for water treatment.

Electrical medication

Electrical medication

Range of high-precision proportional dosing pumps with a stepper motor and highly chemical-resistant materials designed for administering: medications, vaccines, prebiotics, acids, and supplements.

Chlorine dioxide generator

Chlorine dioxide generators

Our digital catalog includes a range of equipment and products mainly designed for water treatment with in-situ-generated chlorine dioxide as the active substance.